We have various methods to build fertility that are Organic, Biodynamic and Chemical free.

This is paramount before choosing Plantscape designs.

Clients may choose a combination of methods or leave the decision to Ecocentric.in

Each application comes with a cost & service charge.

  • Amruth Pani Techniques - require 4 days for preparation & application on land. Need to be prepared twice. Once on commencement & after 30 - 40 days along with Sheet Mulch
  • Green Manure Cropping or Green Earth Harvesting - requires a total of 130 days. The 1st 30 days is the same as Amruth Pani Technique, a further 100 days are allotted to sowing, harvesting, flowering & reapplying harvested greens back into the earth with 4 - 21 day cycles marking the time for each earth harvest.
  • Six Rasas to be applied as described in Ayurvedha – sweet (varyali, sauf), sour (ambadi, amli, tamatar), pungent (chilli), astringent (gawar), salty (spinach, rajgara) & bitter (methi, karela). This is to be done as part of Green Manure Cropping.
  • BioDynamic preparations BD 500 – BD 507. These prepared preparations can be purchased & applied in conjunction with the cycles of the Moon, Sun & Planets.
  • EM – Effective Micro organisms may also be sourced yet are expensive when purchased. (not preferred for Long term & non urban environs)
  • Fertility building plants can be chosen when the land requires time or when the client is not in a hurry for development. These are plants that prevent erosion & encourage spot mulching, nitrogen fixing & offer a nutrient base for Natural Succession to take over