Site assessments enable us to tap into the ecological wealth (the free services provided by nature), and history of the land enabling accurate design and recommendations that serve the flora, fauna and people.

For example, Through assessment we can identify and understand the interactions of the various forces of nature as well as the resident and migratory flora and fauna. We may also find out the existence of mineral wealth including rocks and stone. Often overlooked - Wild food, fruit and medicinal plants, naturally growing in the area that has immense commercial as well as holistic value. We may also discover certain species that are considered endangered or red listed. Bio indicators, may exist that can inform us of water quality and soil quality. We may also find butterflies, bees, birds, termites, wild animals or certain insects are attracted to a spot. Relative guidelines and safety as well as occult orientation standpoints can also be identified.


  • Water or Hydrological Survey
  • Soil & Contour survey Or Simple Geological Survey
  • Flora & Fauna or Biodiversity Survey
  • Present Infrastructure


  • Wind Data from Geo info else Wind Survey
  • Energy Survey
  • Eco Sensitive areas around
  • Flooding & Natural Disaster History
  • Orientation (Map Summer & Winter Sun)
  • Socio, cultural – Economic
  • Waste
  • Occult Orientation