Garden Concepts / Designs that provide for Plant, Beast & (Hu)Man

Humans have been designing with nature for a long time. Nature offers an immense color palette to choose from both in function, color, fragrance, and taste, involving our five senses.

Instinctively aware of the aesthetic vibrations of plants that are spiritually satisfying, human beings are happiest & most comfortable when living with flora.

At birth, marriage & death blossoms are prerequisites, as they are at mealtime or festivities. We give plants & flowers as tokens of love, friendship, gratitude & homage.

Through our Gardens we offer various designs & themes that cater to both humans & wildlife in varying ways.

Clients may choose either one or a combination of themes & designs they wish to have.

We tailor make the design as per needs of the Land & the Human needs of the client.

Each level of design addition has an additional Cost & Service Charge.


  • Waste - Recycled Garden (Waste)
  • Kitchen / Culinary / Edible Herb Gardens (Food)
  • Herb Spirals (can be tailor made for different cuisines) (Design)
  • Wildlife (Butterfly, Bee, Bird (eg parrot), Bat, Snake Gardens) (Recreation)
  • Clock Gardens & Calendar Gardens (Time)
  • Medicinal Plant/ Ayurvedic / Healing Gardens (Health)
  • Shamanic Gardens (Medicinal)
  • Occult Gardens (Solar Gardens, Lunar Gardens, Nakshatra or Zodiac, Magic & Handmade Garden (based on palmistry))
  • Aphrodisiac Garden (Medicinal) (Health, Rejuvenation, Conceiving & Ayurvedha)
  • Seed of Life Garden (Sacred Geometry) (Design)
  • Fruit Garden (Food) (Sustainability & Ecology)
  • Hedges & Hedge Gardens (Living fence) (Food) (Wildlife) (Aroma) (Aesthetic)
  • Plants for Soil & Land Restoration – Fertility building plants (Living Soil)
  • Conservation Plants for making a Conservatory (Endangered)
  • Mosquito repellent plants Garden
  • Aroma Gardens
  • Water Gardens
  • Sound Garden
  • Green Walls
  • Playgrounds Scientific & Energy Playgrounds to ‘Learn while you play’
  • Additional

Bird Baths

Bird Feeders

Bird Houses

Bat Houses

Wind Chimes